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sachet n : a small soft bag containing perfumed powder; used to perfume items in a drawer or chest

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  1. A cheesecloth bag of herbs and/or spices added during cooking and then removed before serving.
  2. A small, sealed packet containing a single-use quantity of any material

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A sachet is a small disposable bag, often used to contain single-use quantities of consumer goods, such as ketchup or shampoo.
A sachet can also be a fabric bag containing pot pourri.
Sale of products, such as shampoo and detergents, in sachets is very popular in India and other Eastern countries.
In culinary terms, a sachet is a small bag made of cheesecloth, containing various herbs and spices (typically bay leaf, thyme, parsley stems, and black peppercorns) used to infuse flavor into stocks.
dishwasher tablet.
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atomizer, censer, fumigator, incense burner, incensory, odorator, odorizer, parfumoir, perfumer, pomander, potpourri, pouncet-box, purse atomizer, scent bag, scent ball, scent bottle, scent box, scenter, smelling bottle, spray, thurible, vinaigrette
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